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Hi, I'm the Sierra



I'm so happy you are here!

Okay, It is a little weird to write an About Page.. about myself.

But if you're reading this it means my childhood dreams of being a Baker and Business Owner have come true!

Cake By Sierra has been a long time coming and I'm so excited to be "official" and able to be a part of so many more celebrations with you!

A little background on me:
As a kid, I spent my weekends waking up early to catch re-runs of Rachel Ray on Food Network- (I still store all my lettuce in a Ziploc with a paper towel because I learned that from her). When I turned 16 and old enough to work, I would walk or ask for a ride to different restaurants, applying anywhere I could, knowing I just wanted to be in the food industry and especially wanted to be baking.
I went to culinary school, worked in restaurants, franchised bakeries, wholesale bakeries, bread bakeries, small business bakeries and throughout all my experience, CAKE is the one thing that has stuck.
Cake is what I love to do!

I have spent the last 8 years doing exclusively Cake and have never been more excited about the future. My goal with Cake by Sierra is always just to keep it real. Customizing your cake down to the sprinkle is what makes my job fun and gives you a memorable tasty treat for all of life's occasions. When you (my customers and the support system I am so lucky to have!) decide to order a cake from me, I want you to always get exactly what you are hoping for and provide you with your

Sweet Centerpiece!

About Our Location

We work out of a Shared Commercial Kitchen in El Cajon called "My Foodie Kitchen". This is not a traditional Brick and Mortar (we're getting there!).

What does this mean?

Think Caterer! Our name is not on the outside of the building. Sierra is not in the building at all times and we do not have a walk-in store front with items ready to sell. Every order is pre-ordered online and made to order! Once ordered, cakes are delivered to your event or pickup times are set by appointment in 30 minute intervals.

Delivery fee is calculated by mileage from our kitchen to the place of your event.

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