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Do I need to refrigerate my cake?

A cake from Cake by Sierra will always be given to you chilled. Refrigeration is based on serving time.

If you receive your cake 1 - 2 hours before you plan to serve then no need for refrigeration. 

Picking up a cake one day prior to serving time must be refrigerated overnight. 

Example: Receiving cake at 11 am to make your busy day easier but event does not start until 7pm. Keep refrigerated until 6 or 7pm. 

When do I take my cake out of the fridge?

We never recommend eating our cake straight out of the fridge because certain fillings and buttercream will set and be firm. Ideally always give you cake at least an hour indoors to get closer to room temperature.

If event is outdoors with no air conditioning we recommend a maximum of 2 hours outside of the fridge. *CAKE LEFT OUTSIDE IN THE SUN WILL NOT SURVIVE. 

Indoor air conditioned events give your cake a longer life and can last closer to 4+ hours without refrigeration

How do I cut my cake?

Cake Cutting Tip: *Reminder to cut me like a CAKE not like a PIE.*

Triangle cuts will prevent you from being able to get enough servings! Think GRID.

Standard cake slice is 1"x2" 

Wedding cake slices are a bit smaller 1"x1" 

*See pricing list to see how many slices you should be able to get per size of cake. 


Where is Cake by Sierra?

Cake by Sierra produces out of a commercial kitchen in the El Cajon area (My Foodie Kitchen). We are not a retail, walk-in bakery and are at our location by appointment only. 

Cakes orders are placed online, in advanced and are made to order. They are then delivered to your event from our kitchen and we serve all of San Diego!

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